“The conductor,  Dr John Rego, brings vast experience to his role and it shows in his understanding of this major work, bringing out the subtleties and carefully balancing all of the parts to achieve a highly satisfying performance. The orchestra responded with a passionate performance and the chorus was simply superb.

Frahn’s crystal clear soprano soared magnificently above the ensemble in the fifth movement, the final section added by Brahms and the only one featuring the soprano, and Pelham, in his baritone range, brought great power to his appearances in the third and sixth movements.

This major part of the concert was all that was expected, both musicians and singers performing magnificently.”

(B.Lenny, Adelaide Concert Collective Presents Brahms, BWW Review).

“The concerto BWV 1043 for two violins heard the two soloists [Janet Anderson and Alison Heike] shine as the themes moved effortless and seamlessly from one to the other, beautifully paced by conductor John Rego.”

“Maestro Rego’s direction of the forces was unfussy and traditional, his musicians responsive to his directions.”

“The ACC obviously have a great deal of pull where musicians are concerned; the choir…was a roll call of our most experienced choral performers, many of them with solo credentials.”

(E. Shaw, Adelaide Concert Collective – Mozart and Bach, BWW Review).