The Adelaide Concert Collective (ACC) formed in early 2016 when a group of colleagues who had performed together in various capacities expressed a desire to present a wide variety of repertoire, more often, and in different venues and spaces.

The collective had performed together in various capacities for some time and saw an opportunity to expose audiences to something different and the need to give talented musicians a chance to expand their repertoire. We found ourselves saying ‘I’d love to perform this’ and ‘I wonder if that’s ever been performed…’.

The ACC is particularly interested in performing rarely heard works of mainstream composers and exploring a greater collaboration between various art forms. Further, an engagement with and support of local charities (particularly those associated with sick or disadvantaged children) is very much part of our outlook.  Since our launch in 2016, the ACC has brought together the finest professional singers, instrumentalists, and artists.  As one review stated: ‘At a time of financial stringency in the arts and elsewhere…, the formation of the collective is a bold move and one which deserves all the support it can muster. This is a very good start.”

The ACC looks forward to continuing its mission of curating innovative events.  Please check the Concerts tab to see information about our upcoming performances.







The ACC is grateful for their regular collaboration with renowned photographic artist, Jan Adam Leś, whose photographs are used throughout this website, and Kym Wilson whose audio/visual recordings are linked to this website.